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FAQ and Requirements / What to Bring

Helpful and Important Information to Know Before Heading Out on Your Adirondack Jet Ski Tour

FAQ & Requirements / What to Wear: FAQ

What the Tour is Like

  • Do you rent Jet Skis without the guide?  Can I go out on my own?  No we do not rent without the guide or proper instruction.

  • Can you go to different lakes other than what you currently offer? Yes, by special request.  It may cost a little more but it depends on the lake, distance, and our schedule.  We do not operate on Mirror Lake, Lake Placid, St. Regis Lake, or Lake George.

  • How fast do we go? It can be a faster paced ride but we obey all the posted speed limits.  When near docks, other people, 100ft off shore, and in the channels we go 5mph or the posted speed limit.  Out on the open water it a quicker paced ride and if you have demonstrated proper skills you will be allowed to open up the throttle without the learning mode engaged.  Of course this is always dependent on the conditions and the guide will determine the safest speed.  If feel you may need to go at a more leisurely pace please consider booking a private tour.

  • Will I see wildlife?  Yes, especially Loons and other water fowl.  Some other animals such as Otters are more rare but it is possible to see them too.

  • Do you go out on cooler days?  Yes we do. If you wear appropriate clothing you will stay warm.  As mentioned given normal weather conditions you can choose to get wet or stay relatively dry.

  • How comfortable is it for a passenger? Will they have fun?  The newer model machines are very comfortable and the seats elevate the passenger so they have a great view. If passengers meet requirements they will be allowed to operate the Waverunner and switch when it is safe to do so.

  • Will I tip over? Chance are extremely good you will not if you don't exceed the weight limit and follow all the safety rules and guidelines.  Newer PWC are very stable. 

  • Is the lunch good?  Do I have some say in what we have?  As long as you order a sandwich or sub they are very good.  And you can order anything you want on it. 

  • How wet will I get? As wet as you like.  Factors such as wind and waves can play a part but in general it is easy to stay relatively dry provided during normal weather conditions.  Bring an extra shirt or jacket just to be safe.

Requirements to Operate a Personal Watercraft (PWC)

  • All tours are Guided

  • You must be 18 years or older to operate a PWC on the tour.

  • You must show proof of Valid Drivers License before we leave the Dock

  • There is a Maximum of two riders per PWC.  Please make sure you understand this before booking.

  • The maximum combined weight of both riders cannot exceed 450 lbs.  If this is the case you will need to book an additional PWC.

  • The minimum age of passengers is 8 years old.  They must be strong enough to hold on and be large enough to sit properly on the PWC

  • Anyone arriving under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol will not be allowed to take the tour.  There is a zero tolerance and no refund policy in such an event.

  • All operators of PWC must be able to demonstrate basic skills and understanding before tour departs from the docking area.

  • No one with any medical conditions or handicaps which prevent the safe use or riding of the PWC may take the tour.  You must have the ability to comprehend, hear, see, and physically execute the instructions of the guide, DEC officials, and Law Enforcement. Anyone pregnant will not be allowed.

  • You will not be allowed to operate your PWC without the guide close by.

  • Everyone must wear a coast guard life vest at all times while out on the water.  No exceptions.

What You Should Wear and Bring With You

The Adirondacks can bring interesting weather even on the nicest of days.  Its always good to be prepared for cooler temperatures.  You can usually choose how wet you get but if winds or waves pick up sometimes you will get splashed. In addition never underestimate the power of the Sun, especially when it reflects off of the water. ​

  • Boat Shoes or Strapped on Sandals.  ** Required**  Please no sneakers.  Docks can be slippery and sandy beaches can have rocks.  There is a shoe outlet in Lake Placid as well as sporting good stores in Saranac Lake.  If it is a cooler day consider neoprene booties.

  • Bottoms that reach to your knee.  If you wish added protection neoprene bottoms are recommended. Speedo or bikini bottoms are not allowed.

  • Please wear a shirt under your provided life vest.

  • Bring a towel

  • No jeans

  • Please bring along extra clothing such as fleece tops and or rain jacket top.  You never know when a stray rain shower may come along and drop the temperature.

  • Polarized Sunglasses are recommended. 

  • Waterproof Sunscreen for face and body.

  • You may bring a camera or cell phone.  Taking photos while operating a PWC is prohibited but encouraged when in safe conditions.  Also remember if you drop it in the water....... its gone forever.  The PWC has a secure glovebox.

  • You may bring prepackaged snacks or drinks as long as there is room in the storage compartment.  Please no food that will spill or make a mess such as home cooked Tupperware meals. Food items must be kept in a bag.

Departure places, times, and procedure.

  • Unless allowed or postponed due to weather all tours leave in the morning.  There is less traffic on the lakes and weather is usually better.  This also allows us time for postponing the tour if need be due to weather.

  • Depending on whether a half day or full day tour is booked we will meet and leave at either the Lake Flower Boat Launch at 106-112 River St, Saranac Lake, NY 12983 or the Second Pond Boat Launch (also known as State Bridge Boat Launch) which is located on State Route 3 approximately 3½ miles southwest of the Village of Saranac Lake as you are head east towards Tupper Lake.

  • Please arrive on time. Please be completely prepared to go on the water at your start time.  If you arrive early please be patient as we may not have arrived yet ourselves.   If you are running late you must let us know ahead of time.  Do not wait until the last moment.

  • We will fit you with a provided life vest and ask you to sign a release form.

  • There is 20-30 minute instruction period with knowledge assessment before we embark on the tour.  The more you learn ahead of time, the faster we get out.  Please learn the information presented on "How to Safely Operate a PWC" page.

  • Before we depart from the dock we ask you to inspect your PWC to ensure you are satisfied with its condition.

  • When departing the dock PWC's will be in locked in learning mode until you demonstrate adequate operating skills.

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