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New York State Boaters Guide

Please download and study the 2021 New York State Boaters Guide.  Before you will be allowed to operate a Personal Watercraft (PWC) you will be tested on your general knowledge.  Sections most important to your Saranac Lake Watercraft Tour are: Part 4 - Rules of the Nautical Road and Part 8 - Personal Watercraft.

NY State 2020 Boaters Gude
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Personal Watercraft (PWC) Safety Video

PWC also known as Jet Skis are extremely fun and provide a fantastic way to get out and explore the water.  Although simple to use it is important to understand their safe operation.  Before your guided PWC tour please watch and understand the operational and safety rules outlined in this video.  As with the boaters guide you will be expected to know this information before you are allowed to operate a PWC.

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Importance of Safe Operation

Please watch this video as a reminder of what can happen when rules and guidelines are ignored.  With basic skills Personal Watercraft (Jet Skis) that are handled cautiously and respectfully are relatively easy and fun to use however improper use of a PWC can result in extreme injury to yourself, passengers, and bystanders.  Ultimately your safety is in your hands and you must understand this.

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How to Dock a Yamaha Waverunner

Our Yamaha VX Waverunners are equipped with the advanced RIDE system.  Here are some tips on how to dock your Personal Watercraft.  Remember when in proximity to the dock or other object the lightest tap of the throttle or RIDE (Reverse - left hand lever) is all you should use.   Vigorously squeezing the throttle or RIDE lever can result in serious accidents and injuries.

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